April 12, 2018

nTopology Element & 3MF Beam Lattices

Spencer Wright

Today, we’re proud and excited to announce that nTopology Element is the first piece of CAD software to offer full importing and exporting of 3MF’s Beam Lattice extension, which was developed and ratified with nTopology’s direct involvement.

As our customers know, STLs have significant disadvantages for representing lattice structures. Not only do they produce large file sizes, but they also result in reduced fidelity to the intended design and are difficult to edit and analyze. nTopology has a long history of offering customers a better option through our LTCX file format, and we are proud to have worked with our colleagues at the 3MF Consortium to standardize the Beam Lattice extension so that LTCX’s functionality can be shared across the industry.

With 3MF Beam Lattices, users will see file that are up to 1/1000th the size of STLs, and will be able to transfer lattices with ease between nTopology Element and other enterprise-grade CAD software. 3MF Beam Lattices also allow boolean functions to be built into the file itself, making your workflow simpler and faster.

For more information on 3MF Beam Lattices, visit the 3MF website. To get in contact about how 3MF Beam Lattices can be used in nTopology Element to make your engineering workflow easier, contact us here.

Thanks to our colleagues at the 3MF Consortium for working with us to improve this key part of the lattice design workflow!