Lattice properties based on build parameters for Additive Manufacturing

Want a quick way to know the best exposure time and laser power for ideal mechanical properties depending on strut diameter?

Sam Lindsay
January 10, 2020

Finding the ideal lattice properties and build parameters for additive manufacturing is often determined through trial and error. Having a reference chart readily available can save an engineer a lot of time. This past summer Renishaw PLC worked on creating that chart. Kenneth Nai, Principal Engineer at Renishaw and Loughborough University mechanical engineering intern, Tom Miller, researched the relation between lattice strut diameter and build parameters on their machines. The results help engineers using nTop Platform and Renishaw machines quickly access the ideal build parameters for best mechanical properties depending on the lattice strut diameter. The material used for this was Ti64. 

The graphs below  summarize their work. If you’re interested in learning more please reach out directly to, click here for a demo of our software or download results below.

Exposure time against strut diameter for laser powers

Young’s Modulus against strut diameters for varying powers

SEM image of lattice element. Image courtesy of the Wyss Institute

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