Stratasys | nTopology Collaboration: Introducing the FDM Fixture Generator

We are announcing the collaboration between Stratasys and nTopology. We are joining forces to automate the design of manufacturing aids for the factory floor. The FDM™ Fixture Generator is now available for everyone to download and put to use.

Duann Scott
November 8, 2020

Anti-Rotation Fixture generated with the Assembly Fixture Module of the FDM™ Fixture Generator

For much of the history of Additive Manufacturing, jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing aids for the factory floor have been one of the major use cases accounting for approx 20% of all 3D Printing over the past decade. In many of those use cases, Stratasys’ FDM™ systems have been the workhorse that manufactured those parts which have driven the adoption of 3D printing in industrial settings.

Today, nTopology is announcing our collaboration with Stratasys by addressing the need for a fast and efficient way to design these components with the Stratasys FDM™ Fixture Generator.

The first in a series of collaborations built on nTopology will enable engineers to quickly produce custom fixtures without the need to use time-consuming CAD tools to design manufacturing aids. nTopology worked closely with Stratasys’ application engineers to capture decades of expertise and distill their experience into simple, reusable workflows in nTopology. We have also collaborated with Stratasys to document best practices in fixture design to speed up the adoption and flatten the learning curve in the design and manufacture of custom jigs.


“nTopology’s software for additive design is a powerful pairing with our additive manufacturing systems, so it was clear we should work together,” said Stratasys Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions Pat Carey. “Our analysis shows manufacturing applications are currently seeing the most growth in our industry, from $2.8 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2025, so we focused our first Collaboration on serving that segment. Companies want to move faster – to be able to adapt to change – and pure digital manufacturing gives them that agility.”

“We look forward to super-charging the Stratasys additive community with nTopology by combining Stratasys expertise with our powerful platform, giving both of our users improved designs with faster time to manufacture,” said nTopology Founder and CEO Bradley Rothenberg . “Manufacturing is going through the most profound shift it has seen in 100 years, and the Stratasys | nTopology collaboration brings this unique combined innovation to accelerate that shift.” 

Hardware Kitting Tray generated with the Assembly Fixture Module of the FDM™ Fixture Generator

nTopology and Stratasys will continue to collaborate in the future to bring more workflows optimized for FDM and Poly-Jet systems to help manufacturing engineers bring products to market in an efficient manner. This is our first iteration of the Stratasys FDM Fixture Generator which we will continue to improve based on user feedback.

To learn more about our collaboration visit and fill out the form to get access to the Stratasys FDM Fixture Generator. Existing nTop users will be able to simply install the custom block, eligible engineers new to nTop will receive a trial license and access to the custom block.

If you have suggestions on how to refine or a workflow idea, contact us via


Sounds interesting? Get full access to the FDM™ Fixture Generator and start saving design time and reducing scrap rate today. 

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With a background in Industrial Design, Duann is passionate about changing the way we approach design to unlock the potential of emerging manufacturing techniques. Quitting his Ph.D. in Australia to move to the United States to live out his thesis, Duann was soon recognized by the New York Times as a leading evangelist for the new business models these tools open up. Duann is VP of Partnerships at nTopology.

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