Introducing nTopology 2.D

Introducing an array of new features to bring nTopology into the 2nd Dimension.

Duann Scott
April 1, 2021

Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances removing dimensionality nTopology 2.D will not be supported beyond April 1st 2021.

Most people know nTopology for its ability to create super complex 3D geometry to meet the most advanced engineering requirements in the world, but we do not often talk about the power of nTopology’s 2D features. Today we are bringing those features into the forefront with the release of nTopology 2.D!

Rug tapestry proof by O’Hara Rugs of Ohio.


A Brave New 2-Dimensional World

nTopology 2.D includes a rich array of computational 2D geometry creation and manipulation tools utilizing the powerful 3D field tools but with one less dimension. nTopology 2.D tools can also interact with the existing 3D geometry kernel for hybrid 2D and 3D operations.

Similarly, 3D geometry can be converted into 2-dimensional formats and exported for downstream operations such as 2D printing, laser and waterjet cutting, PCB lithography, wallpaper patterns, tiling, and plotting. 2D geometry can also be imported into other software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for further manipulation.

Disclaimer: As this is the first iteration of our 2D tools we do not currently import or export color in RGB or CMYK so any color required will need to be applied in 3rd party software.

Plots created by nTopology 2.D beta tester 

New blocks in the 2.D release include:

  • Remap 3D to 2D
  • Remap 2D to 3D
  • Implicit to Bitmap
  • Slice to Spline
  • Vector export (DXF, SVG, EPS, PDF, AI)
  • PCB export (PCB, Gerber, ODB++, IPC2581)
  • 2D Point Map to 2D implicit
  • Vector Distance Function
  • Spline Boolean Union
  • 3D to 2D implicit vector removal
  • Quantize
  • 2D TPMS

nTopology 2.D is currently in testing with some of our beta customers who are using it in applications as diverse as Architecture and Interior Design to Printed Circuit Boards and nano-sensors for microelectronics and even, wallpaper.

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With a background in Industrial Design, Duann is passionate about changing the way we approach design to unlock the potential of emerging manufacturing techniques. Quitting his Ph.D. in Australia to move to the United States to live out his thesis, Duann was soon recognized by the New York Times as a leading evangelist for the new business models these tools open up. Duann is VP of Partnerships at nTopology.

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