3 Reasons Why Renishaw Users Should Check Out nTop Platform

Renishaw users need to consider bringing nTop Platform into their workflow for many reasons. In fact, too many to be listed in this blog. However, you'll find three of the most intriguing and important reasons. Go on, read it. We dare you to consider.

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October 4, 2019 • 6 min read

If you’re a Renishaw user, you can harness even more capability with your machine simply by incorporating nTop Platform into your current process. Here’s three reasons why you should check out nTop Platform: 


1. Precision

Renishaw users are well aware that Renishaw was founded as a metrology company with precision as their core focus. It’s this precision that produces better parts. nTop Platform users can now send slice data directly to Renishaw’s QuantAM print software eliminating the need for STL files (see below). By sending the slice data directly to QuantAM, nTopology is ensuring the exact precision that Renishaw promises. 

Additionally, nTop Platform has workflows that demand precision in the designed part such as spatially varying structures. For example, if you are designing an engine with an internal lattice structure you can vary the spaces between the unit cells within the same lattice structure: one unit cell size that promotes airflow and another unit cell size that promotes thermal conductivity. Check out this webinar to learn more about this workflow. 

Ultimately, Renishaw users will be able to manufacture their as designed part by combining the precision that Renishaw provides with the design capabilities of nTop Platform. 


2. Lightweighting

Oftentimes, engineers are asked to design a part that reduces weight and maximizes stiffness. It seems like those two should be mutually exclusive, however, with nTop Platform they can go hand in hand. nTop Platform has workflows that allow for reduction of weight while increasing stiffness including internal latticing, topology optimization, structural ribbing generation, and conformal lattice generation. 

A great example of our structural ribbing generation capability can be found in our rocket nozzle case study. Rocket nozzles are built to withstand high temperature and high pressure. As such, the optimal design should be as lightweight as possible as well as have the stiffness to withstand the high pressure and temperature. Our rocket nozzle sample was printed on the Renishaw AM 250 machine by our partners at Betatype. 


nTopology and Renishaw Employees in front of a RenAM 500Q 3d Printer

Fabian Grupp of nTopology (left), Max Boulter of Renishaw (center) and Felix Oelhafen of Renishaw (right) in front of the powerful RenAM 500Q machine. Their latest machine.


3. Elimination of STL

What is one thing all engineers and designers hate when it comes to additive manufacturing? 

STL files! They are akin to a large, unwieldy bowl of triangle soup… an error prone format that reduces the likelihood an engineer or designer will get their as designed part due to discretization and reduction of precision. 

With nTop Platform, a user can send slice data directly from our platform into Renishaw’s QuantAM print software completely eliminating the need for STL files. With this direct to manufacture approach Renishaw users will see significantly improved precision and reduction of costly errors in their manufactured parts. 

To expand the breadth of our partnership the new nTopology GmbH team stopped by Renishaw GmbH in Pliezhausen earlier this month to get to know each other and chat about challenges they see when companies decide to introduce AM into their manufacturing processes. Fabian Grupp, our Business Develop Manager for Europe caught up with Max Boulter and Felix Oelhafen both Technical Project Managers for Renishaw GmbH. Both Max and Felix help companies understand many nuances, benefits and challenges that are involved with joining the AM movement. 

Grupp says, “We love that our partner’s customers see such an immediate and positive impact by incorporating nTop Platform into their process. The partnership between nTopology and Renishaw delivers a huge financial benefit by reducing costly errors introduced during data translation with the STL file, the design capabilities of nTop Platform and precision power of Renishaw machines.” 

“Partnering with nTopology will help us bring our turnkey solution to the next level at Renishaw. By having the connectivity between QuantAM and nTop Platform we are importing slice data directly to our print software from nTop Platform. This ensures the as designed part will be manufactured in our Renishaw machines,” adds Boulter. 

The combination of precision, lightweighting and elimination of STL files unlocks the overwhelming benefits that the AM yields. To learn more about how nTopology can help you reach out to info@ntopology.com or request a demo below. 


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Sam is the Partner Marketing Director for nTopology. She brings eight years of experience in the simulation industry and spent nearly seven years at Dassault Systemes as a Partner Manager for the SIMULIA brand. While working full time for SIMULIA she worked on obtaining an MBA and soaking up as much knowledge as she could about the additive manufacturing space. With her education, experience and enthusiasm for AM she brings her writing and marketing passion to the nTopology team. She lives in Providence, RI with her husband and spends quite a bit of time in NYC at nTopology HQ.