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We are back in action with in-person events!

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Duann Scott
May 24, 2021 • 3 min read

The organizers at AMUG definitely know how to throw a party… Over the years the AMUG team have nurtured a community of passionate and engaged participants in all aspects of the additive manufacturing industry, and in 2021 hosted what was the first event for many of us to get back together after a very long year.

For those of us who were lucky enough to attend, it was a little strange at first to see so many of our friends and colleagues in person. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we quickly eased our way back into a new normal of in-person discussions, hangouts, and presentations. While we were unsure whether the event would be a success and even though the numbers were down from 2019 the quality of the program and the interactions were stronger than ever.

nTopology at AMUG

Although nTopology did not participate in a formal manner as we were not sure whether we would be able to even travel, a couple of us did attend to determine if it is time for us to reengage in real-life events and the answer for us is a resounding yes.

We were pumped to see our friends from Humtown present the project we collaborated on with Penn State, Flow 3D and ExOne to open up so much discussion among the audience around the hybrid approach of 3D printing and metal casting.

Similarly, the discussions around Thomas Mueller‘s presentation on ‘Lightweighting an Aircraft Casting’ raised many questions about optimizing a repeatable, automated workflow for investment casting that we have been working on with some partners that may help solve the problems raised.

Jeremy Vos of BASF also gave a presentation ‘Creating Performance Elastomers using Computer Aided Engineering’ that very much aligns with the lattice creation and optimization capabilities driven by simulation. Something that we have been developing at nTopology for a few years now. We are really interested to explore how their Ultrasim software may be used in conjunction with nTopology to optimize lattice design for elastomers.

We also took the opportunity to give away some of the T-Shirts, stickers, and posters we had been holding onto for the past year and were super happy to give them to our friends at the event.

So what next?

Given the depth and positivity of engagement at AMUG this year, nTopology is going to start ramping up our in-person events. We are currently planning out for Rapid in September in Chicago and Formnext for November in Frankfurt and a few other events in 2021.

If there is a particular event you think we might be interested in please reach out to let us know.

We look forward to seeing you all in person as soon as possible. But until then you can always check out our webinars to see what we have been up to with our partners and of course, we are still showcasing applications of nTopology with our nTop Lives.

Finally, thanks again to the AMUG team and volunteers who put so much effort into pulling the community back together and helping to set us on course better events moving forward, you set a high bar that we at nTopology will work hard to achieve.

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With a background in Industrial Design, Duann is passionate about changing the way we approach design to unlock the potential of emerging manufacturing techniques. Quitting his Ph.D. in Australia to move to the United States to live out his thesis, Duann was soon recognized by the New York Times as a leading evangelist for the new business models these tools open up. Duann is VP of Partnerships at nTopology.