Turbine Blade Lattice Optimized using nTop Platform Software

Better performing parts, faster: Introducing nTop Platform

We learned from our customers that the faster they can design a better performing part the more innovative they can be - giving them the competitive edge to win new business.

Steve Costello, nTopology CFO Head Shot
Steve Costello
July 1, 2019 • 4 min read

Four years ago, Bradley Rothenberg started nTopology in Lower Manhattan with the vision of enabling engineers to design extremely complex parts for additive manufacturing. Brad saw a gap in the engineering software stack: the CAD software available simply wasn’t capable of handling complex geometry to the level that engineers (and 3D printing hardware) were demanding. In the first two years, some of the leading engineering brands in aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer goods became nTopology customers. We built a user count that’s measured in thousands and learned a ton about the challenges and initiatives on their minds.

We learned from our customers that the faster they can design a better performing part the more innovative they can be – giving them the competitive edge to win new business. With this insight, we expanded our mission. Today we’re focused on helping engineers to make the highest performing parts, faster. To achieve this we built nTop Platform, expanding our capabilities beyond lattice design to address the entire engineering workflow.


Image showing part being optimized in nTopologynTop Platform enables users to create lighter, higher-performing parts with functional requirements built right in.



nTop Platform lets users do things such as lightweight parts with a variety of approaches that include lattices, gyroid infill, and topology optimization. Users can iterate faster by leveraging existing CAD or mesh data, built-in simulation, and nTop’s ability to create reusable workflows in ways that traditional engineering software could never achieve. And across the board, our customers asked for the ability to automate processes and capture engineering knowledge. nTop Platform was built to address that request.


Data from multiple simulations can be compiled to influence the performance characteristics of a part.



nTop Platform encapsulates years of work and draws from feedback from some of the most advanced CAD users in the world. Here’s a quick taste of what we’ve built into it:

  • An enterprise-grade knowledge sharing system, built to let engineers securely share engineering workflows across their teams.
  • The ability to automate highly-complex workflows from design concept through optimization, simulation, and build preparation. nTop Platform is built to encompass the full idea-to-manufacture process, and through its workflow automation tools it enables shockingly rapid iteration and reusability.
  • A computational modeling environment that enables design complexity never seen before. nTop Platform’s design tools represent a  truly new generation in engineering software, allowing engineers to work both faster and more effectively, and create higher performing parts.
  • A system that integrates seamlessly into existing engineering workflows. nTop Platform can import and export any CAD file you currently use, and has built-in integrations with the most powerful and popular modeling, simulation, and product lifecycle management software out there.

The two things that enable these breakthroughs are the team and the technology. The nTopology team is energetic, solution-oriented, and focused on helping our customers tackle the big engineering challenges of today.  Just like our products, our team is centered on collaboration and leveraging the unique capabilities of each team member – and our lower Manhattan location has allowed us to build a world-class group of diverse thinkers. 

To learn more about the technology behind nTop Platform, you’re invited to join us for a webinar on Tuesday, July 2, at 2 PM EDT, where you’ll hear our CEO, Bradley Rothenberg, explain his perspective on this release and why it is a powerful step forward for engineering teams everywhere. 


Steve Costello, nTopology CFO Head Shot
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As Chief Revenue Officer for nTopology, Steve leads Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. He has a huge passion for helping technology companies bring transformative products to market. Steve's focus shifted from materials to technology when he joined Z Corp in its start-up phase in 2000. Since then, he has been focused on helping enterprises and manufacturing companies adopt new technologies with companies that include; BAE Systems, DigitalGlobe, SpaceClaim and Aras. Steve has degrees from Babson College and Bentley University.