Cognitive Design Systems (CDS) is now an nTopology reseller headquartered in France

In Q2 of this year, nTopology and CDS entered into a reseller agreement to bring nTopology solutions to Europe. They bring a wealth of manufacturing and industry expertise to the nTopology ecosystem.

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Sam Lindsay
June 8, 2021

CDS is a product design company that helps designers and engineers generate designs using AI. Based in the center of Toulouse, the core of the aerospace industry’s innovation and talent, CDS is made of talented engineers brought together by a common mission, to develop the best all-in-one generative design platform.

CDS serves middle to large corporations on design consulting services, touching different aspects of the design manufacturing process. In addition to consulting services, they also develop their own software solution for various manufacturing applications (AM, Injection, Die-Casting, Milling) with the same goal in mind, to make the design to manufacturing process as easy and smooth as possible.

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CDS Offers nTopology Services

​The partnership with CDS will help our users master nTopology and harness the power of its generative design solution. Combined with their design services, they will provide custom solutions, workflows, and add-ons that will benefit customers in leveraging optimized generative designs while using implicit modeling at its best.

Further, they serve customers through training, custom product development, and nTopology technical support, allowing designers and engineers to rapidly navigate nTopology’s limitless application.

Here you can see the nTopology services that can be combined or separate depending on the customer needs. 

Custom Addons & Tools

CDS is using the nTopology Command line to generate custom add-ons. These add-ons automate highly complex nTopology workflows from simple and intuitive interfaces.


CDS has developed Optibot which can be utilized as an nTopology add-on for a complete design exploration and parametric optimization. This tool will allow you to generate an unlimited number of data from workflows such as topology optimization, lattice, ribbing, texturing and more.

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Bionic Optimizer

Bionic Optimizer uses nTopology’s lattice and structural analysis kernel to generate highly organic shapes that are mechanically compliant.


CDS will come up with dozens of different add-ons in the coming months, if you are an nTopology user or wanting to discover the power of implicit modeling, CDS’s services are made for you?

CDS & nTopology

Director of Sales in EMEA, Jean-Michel Koch says, “I’m thrilled to enter into this reseller partnership with CDS. Utilizing their industry expertise and the power of nTopology, this partnership offers a meaningful, impactful, and immediate solution to the market. This also enhances our partner ecosystem offering additional support to international business. It will be extremely beneficial to our existing and future customers.” 

CEO and CDS Co-founder, Rhushik Matroja says, “We are truly excited for partnering with nTopology, and believe it will pave the way for modern CAD approaches and boundless creativity. Following our successful nTopology implementation with major Japanese players, we have big ambitions in growing our presence in Europe. As an nTopology partner, our priority is to bring substantial added value through customers.”

To learn more about how to become a partner with nTopology contact us at partnerships@ntopology.com.

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Partner Marketing Director
Sam is the Partner Marketing Director for nTopology. She brings eight years of experience in the simulation industry and spent nearly seven years at Dassault Systemes as a Partner Manager for the SIMULIA brand. While working full time for SIMULIA she worked on obtaining an MBA and soaking up as much knowledge as she could about the additive manufacturing space. With her education, experience and enthusiasm for AM she brings her writing and marketing passion to the nTopology team. She lives in Providence, RI with her husband and spends quite a bit of time in NYC at nTopology HQ.