Highlights from RAPID+TCT 2019

There were undoubtedly many interesting technologies to investigate along with the organizers of RAPID+TCT that created the perfect environment for us to officially launch nTop Platform for commercial availability.

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Duann Scott
May 31, 2019 • 4 min read

Last week at RAPID+TCT 2019 marked the official launch of nTop Platform for commercial release, and all of us at nTopology were truly humbled at the overwhelming positive spirit and environment at the event. We have been attending this show for several years and have always enjoyed seeing the industry growth driven by the passionate community dedicated to realizing the full potential of additive manufacturing. We would like to thank the community for the warm reception to our new software platform, which we believe will accelerate the growth of the industry by capturing design intent through engineering workflows, giving companies a competitive edge, and ultimately boosting innovation. We are already seeing many designers and engineers using it to develop new parts, products, and processes without wasting time on repetitive tasks, or losing data through disconnected workflows.

We would especially like to thank all of our partners who helped showcase just a few of these workflows and innovations through the parts we had on display at our booth:

Zenith Tecnica designed, using nTop Platform, and built an impressive satellite bracket using our topology optimization and automated smoothing capabilities.

Zenith Technica’s satellite bracket, made of a titanium alloy, Ti-6Al-4V, weighs an impressive 3.75 pounds.



A partnership between nTopology, Cobra Aero, and Renishaw resulted in a single-cylinder drone engine with lattices optimized for heat exchange and airflow.

Cobra Aero’s engine block, made of ALSi10Mg, weighs only .92 pounds and is functionally optimized for thermal mitigation.



Betatype manufactured a rocket nozzle with conformal ribbing, and their custom process reduced build time from over two days to just 18 hours.

Betatype’s rocket nozzle, made of Titanium Ti-6Al-4V, weighs just under 3 pounds, contains function stiffening ribs, and features dual-domain internal cooling channels.



Tangible Solutions showed their ability to use nTop Platform to fine-tune surface finish for medical implants, which means that roughness is always intentional and not a repercussion of the print process.

Medical device built tray illustrates the repeatability of workflows. All parts were designed in nTop Platform, with the identical stochastic structure creation workflow used from part to part.



Volunteer Aerospace’s trailing edge aircraft bracket further illustrated the topology optimization and automated smoothing capability in nTop Platform.

The hollowed, ALSi10Mg bracket weighs just under 2 pounds. The design in nTop Platform includes additional features added after topology optimization, which are easily integrated to a smoothed, native nTop file format.



Holo showcased a spatially varying structure for a heat exchanger manufactured in pure copper. Structures like these provide consistent unit-cell properties and typify what can be conceived, designed, and 3D printed.

Creating spatially varying structures, like this pure copper heat exchanger, are enabling engineers to design the highest performing parts possible.



Although from different industries and intended for widely different applications, all these parts have one thing in common: They all represent the type of advanced manufactured, high-performance designs enabled through nTop Platform.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit and see a demonstration of nTop Platform at what was a very busy event. There were undoubtedly many interesting technologies to investigate along with the organizers of RAPID+TCT that created the perfect environment for us to officially launch nTop Platform for commercial availability.


And finally a special thanks to IGE who helped design our booth and craft our presence to convey nTopology’s product offering, vision, and mission.


If you stopped by but did not get all the information you would like please contact us to organize a time for us to show you more.


Also, be sure to check out our events page to see where we will be next.


-The nTopology Team



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With a background in Industrial Design, Duann is passionate about changing the way we approach design to unlock the potential of emerging manufacturing techniques. Quitting his Ph.D. in Australia to move to the United States to live out his thesis, Duann was soon recognized by the New York Times as a leading evangelist for the new business models these tools open up. Duann is VP of Partnerships at nTopology.