Introducing the NFL Helmet Challenge DfAM eSeries

Our first ever month-long series with videos, live panel discussions, and guest blogs

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Duann Scott
March 31, 2020

nTopology is hosting a series of presentations, panel discussions and blog posts around DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) aimed at participants in the NFL Helmet Challenge, but also relevant to the broader design and engineering community.

The goal of the series is to have a variety of thought leaders in the AM space educate and inspire others to rethink how they approach design for additive, making the most of the unique design freedom it offers, while still being realistic about some of the material and process restrictions.

The series will touch on architected materials, simulation and topology optimization, along with the business constraints unique to additive manufacturing.  It will run over three weeks with the first videos released on April 7th by John Barnes, Matthew Shomper and David Busacker followed by a live discussion on April 14th.

We will then have additional presentations and panel discussions over the following two weeks, ending April 28. See schedule below: 

Visit our registration page to learn more and stay tuned to our blog page as guest blogs start arriving tomorrow. 

Hopefully the next time we organize an event such as this we will be able to meet in person.

Stay Safe!


Webinar Release Date Live Panel Discussion
Series 1 April 7 April 14
Series 2 April 14 April 21
Series 3 April 21 April 28


headshot of Duann Scott
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With a background in Industrial Design, Duann is passionate about changing the way we approach design to unlock the potential of emerging manufacturing techniques. Quitting his Ph.D. in Australia to move to the United States to live out his thesis, Duann was soon recognized by the New York Times as a leading evangelist for the new business models these tools open up. Duann is VP of Partnerships at nTopology.