nTop Platform 2.0 Makes its Debut at Formnext

We announced nTop Platform 2.0 at Formnext. Below is a synopsis of how it was received through the experience of a few nTopology employees. We also highlight the upgrades and features found in 2.0 and include link to stream our 2.0 webinar that takes a deep dive into the platform.

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Sam Lindsay
December 9, 2019

By now you’ve heard that nTop Platform 2.0 allows engineers to simultaneously consider design, performance and manufacturability within a single, reusable workflow. At its core, nTop Platform was built to solve engineering problems where geometry is a bottleneck. While we could tell you how great it is, we figured it’d be best to show you what 2.0 is by reviewing how it was received at Formnext this year. 

Our booth was no doubt busy and we were overwhelmed with the excitement and engagement of booth visitors watching demos of our software, speaking with our application engineers and sales team or meeting with some of our executives. Below are some insights from a few team members who were at the booth and experienced the response to 2.0. After that you’ll find some key upgrades found in 2.0.

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Erica Vlahinos

The nTop team has been rapidly growing over the last year and we brought a great deal of them with us to Formnext. One of those team members is Erica. While she has been immersed in the engineering world since she was born, this is her first time working in AM and Formnext was her first industry show.

After speaking with engineer after engineer about their design challenges and goals, she experienced a tectonic shift in her perspective on innovation. Person after person in every industry had incredible ideas – ideas that would impact people in real ways from medical to space travel to automotive safety. Ideas that could change a company’s standing within their industry, and set a new bar for performance. The thing preventing these massive innovation booms? Not lack of vision, not lack of ambition – but simply lack of tools. 

People weren’t excited about nTop Platform, per se, they were excited about what it would allow them to do. The booth was always full, not because of cool graphics or exciting lattices – but because technology this powerful has the capability to unleash industry-wide innovation.

Erica Vlahinos, Sales Development Representative

Charles Connolly

Charles’ first week with nTopology was Formnext and so this was both an overwhelming and eye opening experience. His experience at the show was similar to Erica’s. While new to AM, he has worked in the software industry for a number of years. Nearly all of his software experience has come from working at some of the top cloud computing companies in Silicon Valley. He’s been to many trade shows, conferences and seminars but has never seen a software solution create the immediate impact like nTop Platform did at Formnext. He was used to booth visitors stopping by, taking a few pens and then passively watching a demo out of obligation. Oftentimes, they’d nod in agreement that the software looked great and was a ‘nice to have’ solution down the road but didn’t solve any immediate issues. 

Formnext, however, was the antithesis of that experience. Within seconds of looking at the application, engineers immediately understood what nTop Platform does and the real-world problems it solves for. Once they realized what Platform could do they knew that there was a tool that could help them accomplish exactly what they needed. The engineers he met seemed to be held back not by lack of resources or inspiration but by lack of the right tool.

Charles Connolly, Regional Sales Manager

Blake Perez

Blake Perez has been with nTopology since January 2019. He is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in Engineering Product Development. Blake found that booth visitors commented that nTop Platform is a solution for creating digital design and engineering tools, not just parts. The parts that you produce in nTop Platform are the ultimate tangible outputs but the tools you create (the .ntop file) can impact an unlimited number of future parts. Visitors are excited that our platform gives them the ability to design their own Toolkits (or use one of the Toolkits that come with nTop Platform) to actually capture design intent rather than just model a static part. Better than working with a hammer, nTop Platform is the proverbial forge to make a better hammer. 

nTop Platform is capable of so many things and, in a way, that has posed a challenge for us to clearly articulate exactly what nTopology does. Toolkits gave us a foundation to explain Platform’s capabilities at Formnext. As the conversations got deeper we were able to show that it’s not just about the Toolkits we provide but also the Toolkits that organizations can create on their own. No other software allows for such value creation in the digital design toolchain.

Blake Perez, Senior Application Engineer

Deeper dive

You might be able to tell that nTop Platform 2.0 is a much richer environment than ever before. Our diverse set of Toolkits and features reflect our purposeful focus on the needs of our customers and the industry at large: 

  • The UI has seen over 200 ease-of-use and productivity enhancements, so our notebooks are easier to create, edit, and share.
  • We’ve made our failure-proof implicit kernel faster for solid modeling by providing a dedicated set of tools that operate on nTop bodies. 
  • We’ve expanded the power of general purpose scalar and vector fields. It’s now easy to read and write fields from spreadsheet data.  
  • Thermal, modal and buckling analyses join the simulation capabilities on a variety of solid, shell, and beam element types. 
  • We’ve added the ability to read and write common FE mesh and input deck formats.  
  • Topology optimization adds stress and extrusion constraints. 
  • We’ve added support for more slice formats and have laid the groundwork for sophisticated functional 5D toolpathing for extrusion, deposition, and composite technologies.

It’s all about team effort

The most amazing part of nTop Platform 2.0 is the level of collaboration and sophistication it’s taken to achieve this product. In addition to our team that includes dozens of advanced graduates and industry experts covering mechanical engineering, advanced and traditional manufacturing, mathematics, computational mechanics, and computational geometry, our extended family of customers, academic collaborators and advisors have transformed some of the most cutting-edge technology available into an incredibly practical solution to build robust production applications. 

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To learn more about nTop Platform 2.0 you can watch our webinar here and request a demo. Lastly, we’ve got a webinar coming up, Intelligent Build Prep and Manufacture-Ready Workflows with nTopology and EOS on Thursday, December 12 at 10:30am ET. Register here

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Partner Marketing Director
Sam is the Partner Marketing Director for nTopology. She brings eight years of experience in the simulation industry and spent nearly seven years at Dassault Systemes as a Partner Manager for the SIMULIA brand. While working full time for SIMULIA she worked on obtaining an MBA and soaking up as much knowledge as she could about the additive manufacturing space. With her education, experience and enthusiasm for AM she brings her writing and marketing passion to the nTopology team. She lives in Providence, RI with her husband and spends quite a bit of time in NYC at nTopology HQ.