Top 5 Advanced Heat Exchanger Design Videos

Here at nTopology, we have spent a lot of time putting together video content for you. Below are the top 5 viewed heat exchanger design videos (and some honorable mentions).

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Sam Lindsay
October 14, 2020

Before we get started with the list, we want to let you know about our recently published whitepaper, Unlocking Advanced Heat Exchanger Design and Simulation with nTopology and ANSYS CFX. This documents the design process of a Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler (FCOC) from initial design in CAD, process steps in nTopopology, and final Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis steps in ANSYS CFX. Download hereNow, onto the videos! 

Optimize Heat exchanger Design for Additive Manufacturing

Use the world's most advanced toolset to generate high-performance geometry for heat exchanger design.

Compact Additively Manufactured Heat Exchangers

First, we have from our recent Metal DfAM series, Designing Heat Exchangers for Additive Manufacturing. This is a detailed recap on most of the heat exchanger work we’ve done to date. 

In this video you will learn about: 

  • Applicability of Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces for heat exchangers
  • Automation of designs for exploration or performance requirements
  • Verification & validation of complex heat exchangers

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Lattice Structures for Heat Exchangers

Next up, we’ve got what is possible in nTop Platform when designing heat exchangers. This video is a how-to tutorial, Heat Exchanger Design in nTop Platform

Some key takeaways are: 

  • When to use various lattice infills
  • How to define inputs to variably drive the design parameters based on product definition and requirements
  • How to generate the fluid domains required to perform validation and verification

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Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers

The next video comes from our nTop Live collection, Efficient Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Design Driven for Aerospace Applications. It focuses on plate-fin heat exchangers which are predominantly used in aerospace, manufacturing, and building services because they are durable, efficient, lightweight, and compact. 

Watch this video to learn how to: 

  • Parametrically design advanced heat exchangers that meet performance requirements
  • Create designs with a targeted surface area based on a desired heat transfer coefficient
  • Automate and repeat nTop workflows to accelerate iterative product development

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Advanced Lattice Manipulations

This next video is Blending of TPMS Structures for Heat Exchanger Inlets. This video shows you how to smoothen the flow of an advanced heat exchanger in nTop Platform and how to design a workflow that creates TPMS structures with smooth blends to guide the flow in a heat exchanger inlet.

Watch and learn how to: 

  • Use TPMS structures to isolate the domains of a heat exchanger
  • Design smooth features to minimize turbulence in a flow field 
  • Create gradient transitions between any lattice and structural element

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Webinar: Next-Gen Heat Exchangers

Last up, we co-hosted a webinar with VELO3D, Next Generation Heat Exchanger Design. 

Watch this webinar and learn more about: 

  • Goals of heat exchanger optimization 
  • Using nTop Platform to design a heat exchanger
  • Overcoming manufacturing challenges with VELO3D


Honorable mentions

Here are a few more videos to further satiate your heat exchanger design interest. 

Performance-driven Heat Exchanger Design

Learn how to:

  • Use complex geometry and gyroid structures to design advanced heat exchangers
  • Generate heat exchanger labyrinths and barriers based on performance requirements
  • Automate and repeat your workflows to accelerate your iterative development

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Combine Simulation & Fluid Fields to Generate Optimized Geometry

Field-Driven Design gives you unprecedented control over advanced geometry.

Streamline CFD Simulations with nTop Platform and ANSYS

Watch and learn how to: 

  • Define and link boundary condition surfaces in nTop Platform
  • Import the mesh directly into Ansys CFX or Fluent for simulation
  • Streamline your CFD simulation process

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How to Create Advanced Heat Exchanger Designs in nTop Platform

Learn how to: 

  • Run a performance-driven workflow in nTop Platform 
  • Automate and parameterize the design of a heat exchanger for any available space and performance requirements
  • Meet performance requirements while generating inlet/outlet ducting


Periodic Structures with Multiple Domains for Heat Transfer and Beyond

Watch and learn how to: 

  • “Fold” a periodic surface into a layered multi-domain system
  • Use the four main configurations of periodic surface layering
  • Design advanced heat exchangers and reactive vessels

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Design Efficient Heat Exchangers with nTopology

Access nTopology's advanced set of engineering software tools to achieve optimized heat exchanger design for additive manufacturing.

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