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Small Improvements Add Up

October 2022

In engineering product development, continuous improvements in time-constrained intervals can quickly add up. We follow a similar agile process to develop our design software. This month’s newsletter highlights incremental improvements that make your work in nTopology more streamlined and immersive.

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October 10, 2022

New Product Updates

Faster Latticing (& Other Improvements)

Brake pedal with lattice structure of variable thickness designed in nTopology.

Last month, we released a series of improvements that make using nTopology faster and more intuitive

Beam & Face Lattices: We changed the logic used to thicken the beams or faces of a Lattice. The thickness is now evaluated only at the nodes and interpolated between them. The result is a considerable speed boost! For example, the field-driven lattice of the image above now generates in 0.9 seconds from 12.5 seconds—more than 12x faster! Learn more.

Voronoi Lattices: The algorithm of the Voronoi Volume Lattice block was enhanced to run significantly faster when you provide an optional Surface Mesh. The speed increase depends on your model. In our tests, lattices that used to take 90 seconds now generate in just 4 seconds—that’s a 22x increase! Learn more.

Topology Optimization: We have added a “Halt Process” option to stop a running optimization block and keep the results of the last completed iteration. If you want to restart the optimization, you can use the density property from the halted block as an input field of a new block. Learn more.

Slicing: We added a new option to our hatching blocks that allows you to specify the hatching angle of your choice. Learn more.

New Content & Resources

A Closer Look at the nTop Notebook

Image of a well-maintained nTop Notebook of a complex design workflow in nTopology

The nTop Notebook is integral to nTopology’s interface. In this article, John Piotrowski, Product Manager of Platform Experience at nTopology, delves deeper into the core elements of the nTop Notebook.

Learn more about the origins of the nTop Notebook and how we drew inspiration from Google Docs to develop new features that help increase your productivity and stay in the flow.

Read Article

Architected Materials for Impact Absorption

Screenshot from nTopology of 3D printed helmet liner with custom lattice structure for impact absorption

Architected materials and additive manufacturing unlock new opportunities for managing impact absorption.

This article describes how to maximize impact absorption using the right design methodology and tools to maximize impact absorption.

Read Article

Quote of the Month

“All creative people want to do the unexpected.”
Hedy Lamarr, Actress & Inventor

She starred in films during the Golden Age of Hollywood and invented the technology that is the basis of today’s WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth communication systems.

That’s all we’ve got for this month. If monthly updates aren’t enough nTop for you, find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

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The nTopology Team

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