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What’s New in nTopology

The nTop Notebook has Evolved

September 2022

This month in nTopology, we introduced enhancements to the nTopology Notebook that allow you to be more productive. Also, we released a block that enables you to generate conformal lattice structures that follow the contour of a part’s outer surfaces.

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September 19, 2022

New Product Updates

New Notebook Utilities

The evolution of the nTop Notebook

The nTop Notebook has evolved. Over the past month, we released three new Notebook functionalities to help you author and troubleshoot design workflows more effectively.

Notebook Outline: The expandable outline allows you to see a high-level overview of your workflow, quickly navigate to blocks, and trace where you used each variable in your Notebook. Learn more.

Notebook Search: You can now search for specific blocks used within your notebook. Click the search bar at the top of the Notebook Outline or use the Ctrl+F shortcut and start typing the name of a block or variable. Learn more.

Custom Block Editing: You can now view and modify a Custom Block directly in your main nTopology instance. Right-clicking on the Custom Block and click “Open Block” to view its contents directly in your nTop Notebook. Learn more.

Conformal Lattice Structures

Screenshot of conformal lattice structures on a shoe sole

The new Warp Cell Map to Body (Beta) is the newest addition to the utilities of our 3rd generation latticing technology. This block enables you to warp the cell map of a periodic lattice to the contour of an implicit body’s outer surfaces.

In other words, you can now generate conformal TPMS and graph lattice structures—in addition to stochastic lattice structures such as Voronoi.

Pro Tip: The Warp Cell Map to Body (Beta) requires you to trim the cell map to the Implicit Body first. You can experiment with the “Fill type” option of the Trim Cell Map block and create different conformal results.

Learn More

New Content & Resources

How Lighting Leads to More Accurate Designs

Lattice Technology - Ambient Occlusion - Monthly Newsletter - June Q2 22

You wouldn’t expect something as simple as lighting to be important in engineering design software.

However, accurate visualization enables you to be more productive inside the virtual environment and becomes increasingly important as design complexity increases.

In this blog post, Muhammad Farhan, nTopology’s Product Manager for Interactivity, gives you insights into why we invested heavily into creating a more immersive environment.

Read Blog

Heat Exchanger Design with Additive Manufacturing

Figure of the anatomy of an additive manufactured heat exchanger

Additive manufacturing enables you to create next-generation heat exchanger designs to meet increasing product requirements.

Our experts wrote this article to guide you through the basic engineering design techniques you need to get started.

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Quote of the Month

“Like what you do, and then you will do your best.”
Katherine Johnson, Mathematician & NASA Scientist

Her calculations helped synch Project Apollo’s Lunar Module with the lunar-orbiting Command and Service Module at a time when computers were prone to hiccups and blackouts.

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