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Case Study

LightForce Orthodontics gets products to their patients faster


LightForce Orthodontics is changing the way about 85% of patients get their teeth straightened. In fact, most people still need a wire to move their teeth as opposed to the clear aligners many of us are familiar with. With 3D printing LightForce is able to customize each patient’s treatment to cut not only bonding time but treatment time significantly. They brought nTop Platform into their engineering workflow to help design and analyze each orthodontic treatment design.

“The models are better, we save a tremendous amount of time on the design process, and we’re able to bring new people up to speed very quickly.”
Amos Benninga – Vice President of Engineering, LightForce Orthodontics

Overall by bringing nTop Platform into their engineering workflow to replace a traditional CAD software package, LightForce was able to take advantage of the reusable workflows immediately thereby spreading engineering know-how across the entire team. This meant they could train people more quickly and broadened the talent pool from which they hired. Further, with unbreakable models engineering time was cut down from 10 hours to three. Finally, it allowed for the realization of mass customization for bracket braces.

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