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Virtual Speaker Series: October 27 – November 17, 2020

Design for Additive Manufacturing for Industrial Design

Most Design for Additive Manufacturing research and case studies focus on pure engineering problems and product performance. Less so on aesthetics, ergonomics, or design theory…

In this DfAM series, we explore additive manufacturing in the context of Industrial Design. Expert 3D printing practitioners describe how they used additive manufacturing to create form for aesthetics and tactile response.

The focus is on experimental, computational, and generative design. We see how these tools can aid ideation and abstract approaches that extend the way we think about products as holistic objects that blend between functions — not just an assembly of parts.

Week 1 Presentations

Izzy de la Guardia, Fast Radius
Designing a 3D Printed Shoe
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Alex Ju, Forecast3D
Tile Free Texturing in nTop
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Daniel Martin, Rochester Institute of Technology
Topology Optimization of a Bicycle Wheel
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Week 2

November 3, 2020
Connor Reddington & Drew Baggen, Avid, "Blending Form and Function: Designing an Origami Drink Insulator for Additive Manufacturing"
Kostika Spaho & Nolan Kim, "3D-Footwear: Visualize and Materialize"
Mitchell Myrvold, Stratasys, "Functional Aesthetics in Additive Manufacturing"
Tristan Antonsen, Fast Radius, "Designing a 3D Printed Wrist Rest"

Week 3

November 10, 2020
Onur Gun, MIT, "Creative Manager of Computational Design"
Craig DeMerit, Impact Footwear, "Utilizing Automation to Bring Latticed Based Custom Flip Flops to Consumers"
Gabrielle Thelen, nTopology, "Computational Chair Design using Topology Optimization & Fields"
Mitchell Myrvold, Stratasys, "DFAM vs Design for Rendering"

Week 4

November 17, 2020
Sam Kratky, nTopology, TBD
Adam Hecht & Julio Aira, Dive Design, TBD
Lior Elgali, Stratasys, TBD

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