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The Engineering Guide to
Generative Design

Learn more about Generative Design and why most popular approaches fall short.
nTopology offers an alternative that enables you to unlock the full potential of Generative Design today.


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What is Generative Design?

Generative design is a broad and holistic design methodology. It includes all goal-driven and computational approaches to engineering that use software to generate and evaluate geometry based on a set of logical operations and user-defined rules.

In other words, generative design augments your capabilities as an engineer and designer with digital tools that enable you to converge quickly to the best possible solution.

robotic arm created with generative design

design automation - heat sink

An Alternative Approach to Generative Design

nTopology give you complete control over your generative design workflows. By combining an advanced engineering design toolset with robust design automation capabilities, you can build generative design workflows that are specifically tailored to your application.

Take advantage of complex lattice structures, topology optimization, field-driven design, and engineering simulation to generate parts that are truly optimized for advanced manufacturing

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In this 20+ page guide, we explain how you can use nTopology’s unbreakable geometry, reusable workflows, and field-driven design capabilities to design revolutionary products.

The guide also includes 12 practical application examples from the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer products industries.

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