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Industry leaders are developing higher-performing products for advanced manufacturing using nTopology — the world’s most powerful engineering design software.

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Engineers and designers rely on nTopology software to develop innovative products that turn the complexity of advanced manufacturing into their competitive advantage.


aerospace component

Decrease weight & manufacturing cost while maintaining structural integrity to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

  • 55% reduced weight
  • -30% manufacturing cost

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Thermal Management

heat exchanger

Generate geometries optimized for conduction, convection, or radiation to maximize reliability, performance and lifetime.

  • 2x increased heat transfer
  • 75% reduced size

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Patient-Specific Devices

orthopedic implants

Design custom prosthetic, orthopedic and implantable medical devices for improved patient outcomes & faster rehabilitation.

  • 5x faster time-to-market
  • 100% design traceability

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Industrial Design

motorbike part

Design products with unique aesthetics, function and ergonomics to improve user experience and brand identity.

  • 10x faster iterations
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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Architected Materials

bike saddle

Develop complex lattices with a tailored response to achieve material property combinations that are not found in nature.

  • 10x range of achievable properties
  • Manufactured in a single material

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Tooling & Manufacturing

masking tools

Streamline manufacturing operations and improve operational efficiency with powerful design automation tools.

  • Up to 90% reduced design time
  • Improved quality & throughput

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What are nTop users saying about our software?

“Using the added benefits of lattices, we can design parts with even higher added value than the shape obtained by pure topology optimization.”

Hiroyuki Nagamoto, Yamaha Motor Co.

“With nTopology, we were able to create powerful and unique additive designs. It wouldn’t be possible to create such components with a traditional CAD system.”

Martin Blanke, DMG MORI

“This product family of medical implants has been hugely successful for us and this is in part due to the lattice structure that was created in nTopology.”

Beth Stuart, SI-BONE

“We save a tremendous amount of time on the design process and we’re able to bring new people up to speed very quickly.”

Amos Benninga, LightForce Orthodontics

“Nothing is fast enough for me, but everything is instantaneous in nTopology. I can do the things that are impossible with other design tools. It’s like the renaissance of engineering!”

Enrique Enriquez,  KW Micro Power

“By the time we were done, our models had evolved to something simply beautiful! Overall the design is cleaner, simpler, a tighter package that 3D prints perfectly and presents itself a lot nicer on the engine.”

Sean Hilbert, Cobra Aero

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See for yourself why leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries have chosen nTopology as their engineering design software solution.

Powered by Transformative Technologies

nTopology is built from the ground up to enable you to solve hard engineering design problems. You can use our pioneering implicit modeling engine to augment your traditional CAD, simulation, and engineering software stack.

Unbreakable Geometry

Generate parts at lightning speeds no matter how complex with modeling operations that never fail.

Technical explanation: nTopology uses implicit functions and signed distance fields to represent 3D geometry. In implicit modeling, all common operations, like Booleans or offsets for shelling, are nothing more than simple math operations — hence they are unbreakable.

Field-Driven Design

Control design features at every point in space using simulation results, test data, and engineering formulas.

Technical explanation: Whether they represent physical quantities, algebraic equations, or implicit geometry, fields assign a value to each point in 3D space. nTopology gives you the capability to superimpose fields and use them as inputs to drive geometry.

Reusable Workflows

Create configurable and shareable processes that package knowledge and automate engineering tasks.

Technical explanation: nTop notebooks represent a sequence of design instructions that rerun automatically when new inputs are provided. Like functions in visual programming, you can package complex workflows into custom blocks and reuse them in new design files.

Features & Capabilities

  • Lattice Structures
  • Topology Optimization
  • Surface Textures
  • Variable Shelling
  • Perforation Patterns & Ribs
  • Structural & Thermal Simulation
  • Slicing & AM Build Preparation
  • Design Automation & Scripting
  • MDO & PLM Integrations

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See for yourself why leaders in aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries depend on nTopology to develop revolutionary products.