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nTop Platform

Engineering software built for digital manufacturing

The way we build parts has changed. Your engineering software needs to change too.

A Better Modeling Technology

A unifying technique for design, simulation, and manufacturing data. The nTop Platform approach removes geometry bottlenecks in design by achieving more efficient workflows, dramatically improving team collaboration with faster iteration, enabling smarter, more complex designs to meet performance demands.

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A Better Modeling Technology

Iterate Faster

By utilizing nTop Platform’s breakthrough computational modeling techniques, design teams can process and evaluate more design concepts than ever before. Find the most optimal solution in a shorter amount of time.

Iterate Faster

Reimagine the Way Your Engineering Team Works

At nTopology we know that your engineering know-how is the most valuable asset in your organization. nTop Platform makes that know-how accessible, shareable and, most importantly, secure across your entire organization.

Reimagine the way your engineering team works.

More Accessible, Shareable, and Reusable

nTop Platform’s Engineering Notebooks store product and manufacturing knowledge. Leveraging nTop Platform, teams can capture knowledge created by subject matter experts into a workflow and distribute it across your organization. These workflows can be combined, reused, and shared to sustainably build up a knowledge base of your engineering processes.

nTopology Workflow Notebook Example

Keep Your Engineering IP Safe

Capture the engineering know-how of your best engineers, share it across your team and your supply chain. nTop Toolkits can be shared outside your organization and sensitive know-how can be protected within a secured block in the workflow.

nTopology Knowledge Capture UI Example

Integrate Seamlessly into Your Workflow

nTop Platform can integrate with all major CAD, PLM, CAE and CAM solutions. The most common integration is through standard file formats.

Integrate seamlessly into your workflow

Automation & Developer Access

We also license nTop Platform as a headless application. Command line access enables ability to develop scripting level interface.

Automation & Developer Access

Get Up and Running Fast with nTop Toolkits

Toolkits enable you to immediately utilize nTop Platform’s most powerful capabilities right out of the box.

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