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Manual: File Menu

The file menu contains commonly used functions in Element’s software to get you started.



Creates a new .elem project.


Select and open any .elem files.


Projects can be saved with the ctrl + s shortcut.


Input a file name and select the directory to save in.


Mesh and CAD objects can be imported into the project.


Export a Mesh as an STL,OBJ, or 3MF file, a CAD object as a Parasolid(tm), STEP or IGES file, or a lattice object as a 3MF or LTCX file type.


Looking to purchase Element pro? To request an activation, copy the text on the About page with your information and unique id, and email it to


We love open source software and use it enthusiastically at nTopology. The About page includes information about all those who have contributed. Additionally it gives you the option to allow for anonymous usage collection from our team so that we can build software that fits your needs. We wont collect any information about what you’re designing and won’t share anything outside of our product team.


This directs you to our FAQ page. Remember, if you don’t find an answer to your question, feel free to send us your question here.


Allows you to adjust your display settings and set default tolerances for imported CAD files.


Finish your project? At least finished for the day? Great! If you’re old school and don’t like clicking the right hand corner ‘X’, just go ahead and click Exit.