Elevating Designs and Cutting Costs – Structural Lightweighting

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Gabrielle Thelen, nTopology

Additive manufacturing and advanced modeling technology has opened the door to an unparalleled approach to design. Utilizing computational modeling and the ability to synthesize valuable data and leverage it within a design, coupled with technology to create complex geometries has resulted in enhancing part performance by reducing its weight and optimizing its strength. Brought to life by Metal Additive Manufacturing processes, we can now incorporate various lightweighting techniques such as structural ribbing, volume latticing, and topology optimization coupled with field driven design to achieve a more cost efficient part without sacrificing performance.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Different ways industries are incorporating lightweighting in their processes today
  • A look into various lightweighting techniques such as topology optimization, variable shelling, structural ribbing, and others
  • How computational modeling plays a big role in lightweighting in its ability to synthesize valuable data and utilize it in the design

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