nTop Live: How to Shell any 3D Body without Errors in nTopology

screenshot from video

Shelling operations in traditional CAD software can be error-prone — especially for more complex geometries. The shell block in nTopology converts a body imported from a CAD file to a hollow shell with a wall of wanted thickness. Thanks to nTopology’s implicit modeling technology, these operations will never fail.

In this nTop Live, Yuki Okada, Technical Marketing Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to import part in nTopology, convert it to an implicit body, and shell it to the desired thickness. He will also show you how you can hollow multiple parts simultaneously and infill with a lattice using a custom block.

Watch and learn how to:
-Convert a part to an implicit body and shell it
-Shell multiple parts at the same time
-Shell and infill with a lattice multiple parts using a custom block

Level: Basic
Industry: General
Applications: Lightweighting, How-To

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Recreate the steps that Yuki followed in this nTop Training. To download all the necessary files for this training, please see this link.