Industrial Design DfAM Series: 3D-Footwear: Visualize and Materialize

screenshot from video

Kostika Spaho, KEEN & Nolan Kim, Freelance Designer 

In this presentation we experiment by making 3d-printable footwear files. We use 3d-software to build geometries, test their performance through simulation and generate additional analytics such as endurance, quality and cost.

The 3d-assets that we prepare, will allow designers and engineers to make informed decisions prior to production. Enabling them to sell before they manufacture.

We will discuss the benefits of lattice structures (lightweighting, energy return, dampened impact, expanded design potential). And take a closer look into how to implement TPMS structures into products and their benefits/characteristics. 

Watch and learn how about implementing AM into your production cycle can result in the following: 

  • Streamlined supply chains 
  • Availability of legacy parts / burden-free digital inventory storage 
  • Manufacture to order 

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