Industrial Design DfAM Series: DFAM vs Design for Rendering

screenshot from video

Mitchell Myrvold, Stratasys

“How do I add a decal to my CAD file before printing?”

“How can I bring my 2D render into the third dimension with 3D printing?”

These two questions are common in the world of full-color 3D printing. Answering them can be a difficult task.

Engineers are familiar with creating files that are functional, but they are often unfamiliar with the design software that allows them to add color to their models. Designers can bring their models to life on screen for their rendering software but are unfamiliar with how to make their files ready for 3D printing. These two groups have information the other requires to accomplish full-color 3D printing, but the process of sharing information can be complicated without understanding the needs of both camps.

During this presentation, covers the challenges of creating full-color models for 3D printing, how these challenges are addressed, and best practices for making the transition from engineer to designer as smooth as possible.

Watch and learn: 

  • Traditional engineering files are difficult to transition to full color while traditional design files are difficult to successfully print. The challenges they each face serve to benefit from the experience of the other.
  • What are the three types of full-color models and what is needed to accomplish each of them as painlessly as possible?
  • The best way to add full-color design to an engineering model is to prepare for it during the model creation process.

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