Industrial Design DfAM Series: Designing a 3D Printed Shoe

screenshot from video

Izzy de la Guardia, Fast Radius

Discover how nTop Platform can be a playground for Industrial Design through the example of a shoe designed to be printed as one part on an HP Multi-Jet Fusion printer. 

In this presentation, Izzy de la Guardia from Fast Radius will demonstrate how she tailored lattices and TPMS structures for aesthetics and function. 

She will also illustrate how she used nTop’s broad toolkit to achieve interesting surface effects, including the use of mathematical functions to manipulate geometries. The goal is to show you the power and flexibility nTop lends creating and exploring novel designs.

Watch this video and learn how: 

  • Non-uniform, field-driven lattice structures can be used to create more visually appealing and functional designs
  • Model-based data can be used to inform design decisions 
  • If you can think it, nTop can probably make it! The key is to explore and be bold!

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