Industrial Design DfAM Series: Tile-Free Texturing in nTop Platform

screenshot from video

Alex Ju, Forecast3D

Have you been wondering how to apply textures to your models for additive manufacturing, or have you been wrangling with bump maps wondering if there is a better way? 

In this video, you will learn how to use nTop Platform to create appealing, non-repeating textures on your products. Alex Ju will cover how to create and customize leather-type textures, one of her most popular texturing requests. 

She will also cover how to flow generative molecular-type patterns along part surfaces in the pursuit of newer, uniquely-3D-printable aesthetics. Applications for the wide range of possible visual and functional effects will also be discussed. 

Watch this video and learn more about: 

  • Generating leather textures in nTop Platform creates a more organic, realistic finish by removing the need for textures to tile and repeat
  • Molecular-type textures can be easily created and customized in nTop to bring uniqueness and targeted functionality to any type of part
  • Developing textures in nTop Platform which increases customizability and flexibility of design (while avoiding working with millions of triangles!)

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