Introducing the New Latticing Technology

Gif demonstrating new latticing technology

In nTopology 3.26 we introduced our 3rd generation latticing technology. The new latticing tools are easy to use, faster than before, and offer greater control over complex lattice structures.

In this nTop Live, Evan Pilz, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology, shows how to use nTopology’s new lattice technology in action through some practical examples . 

First, he explains the basic elements of periodic lattice generation: the unit cell, the cell map, and the lattice parameters. Then, he shows you how to warp a cell map using field-driven design. Finally, he talks about the updated surface latticing tools for conformal ribbing and wraps it up with going through some new capabilites of stochastic lattices.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Use the new latticing tools in nTopology 
  • Warp a lattice cell map using data or simulation results
  • Generate surface or stochastic lattices for Additive Manufacturing

Level: Beginner

Industry: General

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