Metal DfAM Series: Accessible and Scalable Osseointegrative Interface Design

screenshot from video

Christopher Cho, Application Engineer at nTopology, discusses how the design of osseointegrative surfaces on orthopedic implants has been historically possible, but realizable at the cost of manageability and flexibility.  Complex structures that promote bone growth can now be not only created with ease, but also controlled in a traceable and repeatable manner.  In this presentation,  he discusses nTop Platform’s core technology and how it lends itself as a design environment that enables design scalability and provides intrinsic traceability.

Key Takeaways

  • Core Technology – Why is nTop Platform the only place where complex surface design makes sense?
  • Traceability – Methods to keep your design process honest and accessible
  • Repeatability – Leverage controllable design workflows to scale your business

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