nTop Live: 3D Textures & Perforations Patterns on a Speaker | Advanced Product Modeling Pt.1

screenshot from video

Have you ever felt restricted by the design capabilities of your CAD software during your product development process?

In this nTop Live, Justin Hattendorf, Product Design Manager at nTopology, shows you how to use the unique modeling capabilities of nTopPlatform to unlock new product design possibilities. Step-by-step, he describes how to import a CAD design with basic geometry in nTop Platform and modify it using advanced modeling techniques.

Watch and  learn how to:

  • Use nTop Platform for design operations where traditional CAD tools struggle
  • Take full advantage of fields to create 3D textures and apply them on any surface
  • Design custom perforation patterns to improve aesthetics and functionality

The files that were used in this demonstration can be found here