nTop Live: Advanced Heat Exchanger Design Using Easy-to-Manufacture Lattices

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3D printed lattice structures can improve the efficiency of advanced heat exchangers for aerospace and automotive applications. Gyroids are usually a good choice, as they provide a large surface area for heat transfer, but depending on the application, they can be challenging to manufacture.

In this nTop Live, Gabrielle Thelen, Application Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to use alternative lattice unit cells to improve the efficiency of your heat exchanger designs. She uses column and plate lattices that are easy to manufacture and controls their density and orientation using field-driven design techniques. 

Watch and learn how to:

  • Apply alternative latticing techniques for advanced heat exchanger design
  • Use simulation results to vary the spacing and position of the generated lattice
  • Control geometry to follow complex paths using mathematical equations


Level: Advanced

Industries: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive

Applications: Heat Exchanger Design

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