nTop Live: Advanced Slicing Workflows for Additive Manufacturing

screenshot from video

For the highest performance, the default setting offered by Additive Manufacturing data preparation software can be restrictive. Also, the need to convert complex geometry into an STL or 3MF surface mesh before slicing adds unnecessary inaccuracies.

In this nTop Live, Andrew Sartorelli, Product Manager at nTopology, shows you how to work with slice data in nTop Platform and modify it to your needs. He goes through the steps needed to directly convert nTop models into manufacturing data for state-of-the-art AM systems — including most LPBF, DLP, and FDM systems.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Create precise AM slices and toolpaths from exact CAD geometry
  • Combine, trim, intersect, and subtract slice data to design advanced toolpaths
  • Generate slice data for SLM, EOS, Aconity3D, Renishaw, BMF, and other AM systems

Download the files Andrew used in this presentation here.

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