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nTop Live: Automated Design of 3D Printed Molded Fiber Pulp Tooling

Fiber molded pulp is a widely used sustainable packaging material made out of recycled paper. 3D printed molds can unlock many advantages for molded pulp manufacturers — time and cost savings, easy customization, more streamlined operations, and so on.

In this nTop Live, John Graham, Director of Application Engineering, shows examples of automated design processes that can instantly generate 3D printed tooling for fiber pulp molding. He shares workflows that enable you to build and reuse configurable design processes to develop optimal tools with little effort.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Build automated and reusable processes to design fiber pulp mold tooling
  • Generate offset faces, holes, supports, and other essential mold features
  • Get more out of your investment in advanced 3D printing technologies

Level: Basic

Industry: Generic

Applications: Design Automation, Advanced Manufacturing

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