nTop Live: Automated Design of Masks, Plugs, and Enclosures for Manufacturing Operations

screenshot from video

Less than 1% of all jigs and fixtures used in manufacturing and logistics are 3D printed. To make the design of fixtures for masking operations easier and faster, Stratsys and nTopology joined forces to create an automated design workflow that is now available for everyone to use.

In this nTop Live, John Graham, Director of Application Engineering at nTopology, shows you how to use the Masking Module of the FDM™ Fixture Generator. He also describes practical use cases of this design automation tool that enable you to reduce scrap rate and save time.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Automate the design of surface masks, gasket enclosures, and plugs for holes.
  • Customize fixtures to ensure functionality and printability
  • Save design time and reduce manufacturing scrap rate 

Download the Module

Recreate the steps that John followed in this nTop Live by gaining access to the module here.


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