nTop Live: Automating Design Tasks Through nTop Workflows

nTop Platform comes equipped with pre-configured Toolkits that can help you tackle practically every advanced manufacturing design task. To further simplify your design process, nTop Platform also gives you the option to create and re-use workflows that enable you to automate repetitive tasks, accelerate your design process, and save time.

In this session, Gabby Thelen, Application Engineer at nTopology, will first showcase the capabilities of some of the most useful Toolkits of nTop Platform and then guide you through the steps necessary to configure and re-use your own workflow— from setting input and output parameters to effectively documenting and re-using your workflow.

Watch this recording to learn how to: 

  • Use nTop Platform Toolkits right out-of-the-box
  • Take advantage of all sections of the nTop Notebook to effectively document your work
  • Create custom workflows to further automate your design process

To access the demo files used during this session, please click here