nTop Live: Blending of TPMS Structures for Heat Exchanger Inlets

screenshot from video

To minimize turbulence and pressure drop, heat exchanger inlets and outlets must create a smooth flow transition. With Additive Manufacturing, you can produce such smooth transitions while also improving the efficiency of your heat exchangers using gyroids and TPMS structures.

In this nTop Live, Dr. Ryan O’Hara, Technical Director of Aerospace and Defence at nTopology, shows you how to smoothen the flow of an advanced heat exchanger in nTop Platform. He creates a design workflow that creates TPMS structures with smooth blends to guide the flow in a heat exchanger inlet.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Use TPMS structures to isolate the domains of a heat exchanger
  • Design smooth features to minimize turbulence in a flow field 
  • Create gradient transitions between any lattice and structural element

Download the files Ryan used in this presentation here

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