nTop Live: Complete Control over Geometry via Field-Driven Design Pt. 2

screenshot from video

TPMS structures are advanced geometries with incredibly high strength-to-weight ratios that are ideal for structural and heat transfer applications. Combining them with field-driven design enables engineers to meet performance goals that were previously impossible to achieve.

In this Live session, Gabrielle Thelen, Application Engineer at nTopology,  will show you more ways to control the properties of a TPMS structure to create an optimal design.

Watch this video to learn how to:

  • Use field-driven design to spatially tailor the properties of TPMS structures
  • Blend between skeletal and sheet-based TPMS structures
  • Apply these concepts to optimize the performance of complex parts

In case you missed it watch How to Design and Spatially Control Lattice Structures & Gyroids Part 1

Download the files used in this recording here.