nTop Live: Reusable Hole Placement Workflow on Vacuum Forming Tooling

screenshot from video

A unique feature nTop Platform provides to its users is the ability to author their own design processes. By going beyond the traditional “black-box” logic, custom processes can accelerate your design workflows and increase your confidence in the results.

In this Live session, John Graham, nTopology’s Application Engineering Director, will demonstrate how you can create a custom design process in nTop Platform through a practical example. He will create a compound block that automates the placement of perforated holes on any curved surface—an operation that is very challenging to automate in traditional design software.

Watch this recording to learn how to:

  • Build your own custom design processes while maintaining full control.
  • Create a custom block in nTop Platform from scratch.
  • Harness the full power of computational modeling to accelerate your design workflows.

To access the demo files used in this session, please click here