nTop Live: Conformal Isogrid Ribbing on Low Bypass Turbofan Engine Casing

screenshot from video

Isogrids are triangular ribs used in aerospace to stiffen lightweight structures. Designing isogrid ribs that conform to a surface in traditional CAD can be challenging, especially when the geometry has a large curvature.

In this nTop Live, Evan Pilz, Application Engineer at nTopology, goes through the steps you need to follow to add conformal isogrid ribs on the casing of a turbine engine using the least amount of effort in nTop Platform.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Apply conformal isogrid ribbing to any surface in nTop Platform
  • Create multiple design iterations 10x faster to identify the optimal solution
  • Automate your workflows and reuse them in different parts to save time

Access the files used in Evan’s session here.

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