nTop Live: Create multiple unique ornament designs using a reusable workflow

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Ornaments are holiday decoration items typically manufactured using traditional molding techniques. With a wide variety of geometric shapes and sizes, constantly redesigning these decorations can be a tedious task. With nTopology, you can create multiple ornament designs in a matter of seconds using our reusable workflow capabilities.

In this nTop Live, Yuki Okada, Technical Marketing Engineer at nTopology, shows you how an ornament can be created using nTopology. He first takes a sphere and uses traditional lightweight-ing techniques such as shelling, perforating, and latticing to turn it into an ornament. Then with the established workflow, he’ll save it and make it reusable so it can be used to quickly create unique decorations out of a variety of other 3D objects.

Watch and learn how to:
-Create a workflow for an ornament using lightweight-ing techniques
-Turn an established workflow into a reusable one
-Download and create your own ornament to print out

Level: Basic
Industry: Consumer
Applications: Spreading Holiday Feels, Lattice Structures, Rapid Design Exploration, Surface Textures & Patterns

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