nTop Live: Creating Mounting Features on 3D printed Fixtures for Assembly

screenshot from video

Designing fixtures to support the assembly of products is a task that often takes longer than it should. As part complexity increases, the time needed to manually design and fabricate these fixtures also multiplies.

In this nTop Live, John Graham, Director of Application Engineering, shows you how to rapidly design complete fixtures with configurable mounting features in nTop Platform. He presents a reusable design workflow that makes the creation of fixtures quick, easy, and robust.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Create mounting features on an fixture to properly hold it in place
  • Control the size, position, and type of the mounting fixture
  • Automatically design a complete fixture with mounting features & custom standoffs¬†¬†


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Download the Files

Recreate the steps that John followed in this nTop Training. To download all the necessary files for this training, please see this link.