nTop Live: Custom Surface Textures with Field-Driven Design

Adding a surface texture to a part is a product design technique used across industries—from medical to consumer goods—to increase its functionality or improve its aesthetics.

Until recently, surface texturing has been treated as a design detail that cannot be easily customized or that is a by-product of the manufacturing process. This is partly due to the absence of convenient tools in traditional design software that can be used to modify and experiment with custom surface textures.

In this Live Session, Sam Kratky, Application Engineer at nTopology, will show you how to create custom surface textures on your designs easily and quickly using fields in nTop Platform, unlocking new possibilities.

Watch this video to learn to: 

  • Create custom surface textures using nTop Toolkit blocks
  • Use implicit modeling to control surface textures via equations 
  • Modify the surface texture based on a part feature—such as a logo

Click here to download the demo files used in this session.