nTop Live: Design 3D Printed Animal Prosthetics from 3D Scan Data

Engineering fabrication-ready 3D models of both high-performance and custom-made parts is a challenge no matter the scale. It can be particularly demanding when designing for prosthetics where achieving optimized outcomes is a matter of precision engineering (and optimal patient outcome). 

In this nTop Live, Julio Aira IV, Product Design Engineer at DiveDesign, demonstrates how to manipulate and optimize an imported mesh file, based on a 3D-scan, using nTop Platform. The result is ideal for a custom-made high-performance part such as an animal prosthetic and is ready for SLA 3D printing. 

Watch and learn how to:

  • Use 3D scan data to create designs that meet engineering requirements 
  • Apply texture and other surface treatment for surface engineering purposes   
  • Optimize for manufacturing processes and compliant materials 

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