nTop Live: Designing a Semiconductor Wafer Cooling Disc in nTopology

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With the shortage of semiconductors on top of mind for many industries, semiconductor manufacturers must shorten their time to market. Using modern engineering design software semiconductor manufacturers can use data-driven geometries to increase their throughput by reducing cooling cycle times, saving them time and money. 

In this nTop Live, Alec Guay, Application Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to design a semiconductor wafer cooling disc in nTopology. He first uses a sample temperature field to drive the geometry location and orientation inside a semiconductor wafer cooling disc. He then modifies the geometry to increase thermal mass, aiding in heat dissipation and minimizing disc distortion.

Watch and learn how to:

  •  Use ramps and simulation to drive geometry
  •  Optimize geometry for temperature gradients and manufacturing
  •  Use design variables and DfAM practices to increase cooling and minimize distortion

Level: Intermediate 

Industry: Semiconductor, Electrical, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Heavy Industry

Applications: Additive Manufacturing

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