nTop Live: Dimpled Surfaces to Increase Air Intake in Air Duct

screenshot from video

Spheric dimples can increase air intake in an automotive air duct in a similar way that they increase air flow around a golf ball. The eddies created by these dimples influence the air separation point around tight features and result in reduced pressure drop. 

In this nTop Live, Alec Guay, Application Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to create dimple texture patterns on the interior surfaces of an automotive air inlet. Using simple field-drive design techniques, he controls the spatial density of the pattern to drive dimpling away from edges and critical mating features. 

Watch and learn how to:

  • Generate surface dimples that conform to CAD faces
  • Spatially weight the density of the dimples based on design features
  • Add a functional surface texture to parts with complex geometry

Level: Basic

Industry: Automotive

Applications: Surface Textures & Patterns, Field-Driven Design

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