nTop Live: EV Battery Cooling Sleeve

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With electric vehicles becoming so prevalent, battery cooling systems are a hot topic. Compact and lightweight cooling sleeves extend battery life and protect them from impact. Take advantage of additive manufacturing technologies to improve the design of the battery cooling sleeve. 

In this nTop Live, Yuki Okada, Technical Marketing Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to improve upon the design of a battery cooling sleeve. First, he imports a CAD file to nTopology and converts it to a shell. Then, he generates the gyroid TPMS core and controls the cell size, thickness and orientation. Finally, he combines the shell and the core and exports as a mesh for additive manufacturing.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Generate a single-domain gyroid lattice heat exchanger core
  • Optimize its structural, fluid, and thermal properties
  • Generate a complex mesh and export it for additive manufacturing

Level: Intermediate

Industry: Automotive, Aerospace 

Applications: Heat Exchanger Design, Design Optimization, Additive Manufacturing

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