nTop Live: Gear Shift Knob – Advanced Texturing for Industrial Design Pt.2

screenshot from video

Using nTop Platform, custom textures can be applied to any surface the same way that lattice structures can be applied to any volume.

In this nTop Live, Andrew Reitz, Product Engineer at nTopology, explains how to design custom surface texture “units” and array them on the surface of any CAD body—for example, a gear shift knob—to improve the function and aesthetics of your designs.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Design custom surface texture “units” in nTop Platform
  • Apply your custom textures on any 3D surface of a CAD part
  • Control every single texture “unit” to create dynamic effects

Click here to download the files used in this session.

Watch Part 1 of this nTop Live series for Industrial Designers here.