nTop Live: How to Automate Simulation Processes in nTopology

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Engineers spend hours setting up and running simulations. With nTopology, you can solve multiple structural and thermal analysis problems faster and more efficiently by streamlining the simulation process. 

In this nTop Live, Yuki Okada, Technical Marketing Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to set up and reuse a structural analysis custom block. He sets up a single load structural analysis workflow, condenses it into a custom block, then imports the custom block in a different file and runs simulations across multiple parts. 

Watch and learn how to:

  •  Set up a single load structural analysis workflow in nTopology
  •  Condense an entire workflow into a reusable custom block
  •  Import the custom block in a new workflow and reuse it across multiple parts

Level: Basic

Industry: General

Applications: Simulation, How-to

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