nTop Live: Lattice Structure Test Coupons for Developing Implantable Orthopedic Devices

screenshot from video

When developing a new osseointegrative lattice for implantable orthopedic devices, it is important to be able to easily prepare samples to experimentally test the different properties of your structure.

In this nTop Live, Christopher Cho, Senior Application Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to create an integrated process for developing lattice structures in nTop Platform. He reuses the same workflow he applied on the orthopedic implant to automatically create test coupons.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Generate test coupons in parallel with your primary orthopedic implant design
  • Import custom nTop Blocks into an nTop Notebook to connect different workflows
  • Take advantage of “Block Properties” and “Block Duplication” to speed up your process

Download the files Christopher used in this presentation here.

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