nTop Live: Modal Analysis of Lattice Structures for Damping External Vibrations

screenshot from video

Being able to create a modal analysis study is necessary when designing automotive combustion engines or aerospace UAV mufflers. In fact, such studies are required for aerospace and spacecraft applications to analyze mode shapes and natural frequencies, where subsequent results can be used to dampen vibrations caused by atmospheric drag on wings or other dynamically loaded components. 

In this nTop Live, Siddhant Chandgadkar, will demonstrate how to perform modal analysis studies with various lattice configurations within nTop Platform by using a relative density-based reusable workflow. These lattice configurations include a step-based and ramp-based gradient change of relative densities through the entire test model.

Watch and learn how to: 

  • Thicken lattice structures based on relative densities instead of beam-based thickening in a reusable workflow
  • Develop a more efficient workflow using FE lattice meshes for a modal analysis 
  • Set up a DoE with nTopCL using Python to repeat the simulation workflow passively

Download the files Siddhant used in this presentation here.

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