nTop Live: Optimize Lattice Structures for Lightweighting with Design Automation

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By combining structural lattices with Additive Manufacturing, mechanical design engineers can achieve unprecedented weight reduction, increasing part performance, saving material and reducing manufacturing costs. Yet, with so many design variables — from thickness, to unit cell type and size — selecting the right lattice is not an easy task.

In this nTop Live, Alejandro Lopez, Application Engineer at nTopology, shows you how to set up an automated design of experiments (DoE) to identify the lattice structure that meets your application requirements. He uses a simple Python script and nTopCL — nTopology’s Command Line Interface — to achieve a truly optimal result.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Select the optimal lattice type and thickness based on design requirements
  • Create and run an automated DoE using nTopCL and a Python script
  • Balance weight, structural, and manufacturing requirements


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Recreate the steps that Alejandro followed in this nTop Training. To download all the necessary files for this training, please see this link.